The student interns discuss their research projects with faculty members.
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Student interns with the staff of the Institute for the Study of the Earth’s Interior.
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Misasa International Student Intern Program 2015: Japanese and Overseas Students Participate in Cutting-Edge Research

The program has been led annually since being launch in 2005. The aim of the program is to promote international research and education for Japanese and overseas third or fourth year undergraduates and masters’ program students. This year 12 interns from USA, Canada, Britain, Germany, France, Taiwan and Japan were selected from 86 applicants from 27 countries.

Each intern participated in a cutting-edge research project for six weeks under the guidance of faculty members and research groups at the Institute for the Study of the Earth’s Interior. Notably, the interns actually carried out experimental research such as the comprehensive analysis of meteorites and determination of the physical properties of materials.

On the final day of the program the interns gave presentations about the outcomes of their research. At the farewell party following the talks, Professor Eizo Nakamura, Director of the Institute, presented each of the student interns with completion certificates.

The organizers hope that this program will not only give the participants experience in using advanced experimental and analytical technology, but also help students develop a passion for cutting-edge research.

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