Mobile Classroom Lab experiments were presented in Sci-pia
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At Mino primary school
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International collaboration work with Xiamen University, P. R. China

October 17, 2015

Professor Ren Lei of Xiamen University, P. R. China, along with four master course students, visited Okayama University from September 30 to October 6. They discussed their collaborative research and presented their Mobile Classroom Lab experiments in Okayama city at Sci-pia (Science and Humanity Museum for the Future) and Mino primary school.

The host scientist for the Mobile Classroom Lab was Professor Ren. Following an explanation in English by Professor Ren, the pupils purified water using chemical reagents provided by Poly-Glu Social Business Co., Ltd. The experiments taught the pupils about the world’s water problems, as well as chemical knowledge of the purification of the water.

These activities were conducted by Technical Research Officer Ms. Yuri Nakamura of the Center for Engineering Innovation (Faculty of Engineering) with advice from Professor Satoshi Hayakawa and Professor Akira Sakakura of the Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology. In addition, the activities were prepared in cooperation with the Office for the Promotion of Gender Equality, Public Relations and Information Strategy, the Academic and General Okayama University Regional Research Association and the International Alumni of Okayama University.

Since 2005, both Universities have taken part in a faculty-level international agreement to promote personnel exchanges and stronger local cooperation.

Details of the activity can be seen on the JST、facebook page.

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