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Okayama University Weight Training Club won the national championship !

Okayama University Weight Training Club won the first place at the 46th all-Japan intercollegiate powerlifting championship for MEXT Minister’s cup held on June 30 at Hannan University in Osaka. The team members paid a call on President Makino on July 9 and reported the results.

Powerlifting is competed by the total weight of the best of three attempts at the three lifts: squat, bench press and deadlift. At this competition, the contestants competed in individual match for each weight class, and the ranking of the participating 16 universities is determined by the grades of individual rankings.

In the individual match, four students from Okayama University ranked first: Ms. Momoka Kumahara for women’s 52 kg class (4th year, Faculty of Law), Ms. Kana Okada for women’s 63 kg class (2nd year, Discovery Program for Global Learners), Mr. Takuro Teraoka for men’s 53 kg class (2nd year, Faculty of Economics), and Mr. Koichiro Arioka for men’s 105+ kg class (4th year, Faculty of Science). Among them, Ms. Okada achieved national university records for all of the three lifts as well as for the total score! Many students from Okayama University ranked high in individual matches, and the university as a team won the championship for the first time in three years!

When they were asked by President Makino how they felt about winning the championship, the captain Mr. Yuki Yamato (4th year, Faculty of Environmental Science and Technology) answered, “We couldn’t achieve satisfactory results last year, but I was glad to get our revenge.” Last year, the team finished fourth prize, missing the podium. The frustration had led to this year’s excellent results.

In its history of 30 years, the club has won the national championship 13 times so far. When they were asked “What was the secret of the strength?”, the captain humbly answered, “It’s all thanks to the guidance of our seniors.” Traditionally, alumni of the Weight Training Club serve as directors and coaches to foster the next generation. Thanks to this system, club members can receive their seniors’ shrewd advice and appropriate assistance, and improve their technical skills without suffering from major injuries. This is the secret of their strength.

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