A display of sheer power on the world stage.
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Yoshito Nishimura (center) on the winner's podium receiving the overall gold medal
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Okayama University medical student wins gold medal at the World Junior Powerlifting Championships in Texas, USA

Okayama University 5th year medical student Yoshito Nishimura won the gold medal in all four categories of squat (S), bench press (B), dead lift (D) and total points (T) for men 66kg and under at the 31st World Junior Powerlifting Championship held in Texas, USA, 26 August to 1 September 2013., This in an outstanding first for a Japanese man to gain gold in a clean sweep of all the categories in this event with 212 contestants aged 19 to 23 from 28 countries.

This was the fourth time Nishimura took part in this competition having been runner-up for the last two years. At the championships he attempted a world record lift of 210.5 kg for the bench press. Although unable to break the record, he set a series of new best scores surpassing his performance at the Japanese championships held in May 2013. Nishimura says that he wants to further increase his strength so that he can go beyond the junior level and take part and win in the world championships.

Meani\while, third year law student Akari Teramoto competed in the women's 57 kg and under class, giving a good performance to gain eight place. She was able to beat competitors from other countries with larger physiques than hers, showing the fruits of her constant practice.

Championship results
 Men's 66kg and under: Yoshito Nishimura S.275㎏ (1st) / B.192.5㎏ (1st) / D.260㎏ (1st) / T.727.5㎏ (1st)
 Women's 57kg and under: Akari Teramoto S.120㎏ / B.70㎏ / D.132.5㎏ / T.322.5㎏