Participants earnestly discussing Okayama University's research
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Scene of Okayama University's booth
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Okayama University Attends Licensing Executives Society (LES)

Okayama University's Intellectual Property Office attended the Licensing Executives Society (LES) 2013 annual meeting held in Philadelphia, USA from September 22 to 25, showcasing the university's research achievements to the world. This is the first time that the Intellectual Property Office has opened a booth at an international event.
The booth displayed Okayama University's world-class research achievements, including the stretching system for 3-D cell culture and the peptide gel scaffolds gained through the successes of Dr. Keiji Naruse and his colleagues in the Graduate School of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Leaflets were distributed describing promising research projects such as the new synthesis route of the Roche intermediate for Tamiflu by Associate Professor Teruhiko Ishikawa of the Graduate School of Education, and a novel culture model for the maturation of mast cells by Professor Satoshi Tanaka of the Graduate School of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

As Okayama University also acted as a sponsor of the "Networking Break", a break time designated for the formation of networks between participants, a large Okayama University sign was placed in the rest area. A link to the Okayama University website was also posted on the LES website. Through these activities, the Intellectual Property Office introduced Okayama University's research achievements to 1000 intellectual property experts from around the world, including USA, Canada, Europe, and China.

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