Assistant Professor Miyake giving his talk.
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Professor Nishibori (left) describing his research
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Professor Udono giving a talk.
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BIOtech Japan 2014: Okayama University presents its latest research achievements at the Asia’s largest bio event

Okayama University participated in Asia’s largest bio event—the 13th International Bio Technology Exhibition & Conference (BIOtech Japan 2014), Tokyo Big Sight,14-16 May 2014. The Okayama University delegates presented and exhibited the latest research achievements in cancer, immunology, vaccines, medicine, diagnostic products, medical treatments, diagnostic devices, and innovative drug development.

The exhibition included achievements of seven researchers including Assistant Professor Yasuhiro Miyake (Okayama University Hospital), Professors Masahiro Nishibori and Heiichiro Udono (Graduate School of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences,both).

Professor Udono discovered that Metformin, used for the treatment of type II diabetes, has effects to revert exhausted T-cells within tumor tissue, and gives rise to anti-cancer effect.

At the business partnering event, Okayama University researchers exchanged views with visitors from pharmaceutical related organizations about joint research.

The Organization for Research Promotion & Collaboration of Okayama University will continue to actively support the participation of its members in exhibitions in order to promote and spread the University’s research achievements and transfer technology.