Participants walking through Koraku-en
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Workshop where the charms of the facilities and other points were discussed
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Participants presenting the results of their discussions
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Participants of the Okayama Study Tour
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Okayama Study Tour to Discover the Charms of Okayama from the Perspective of Foreign Students

The Academic and General Okayama University Regional Research Association (AGORA) held an Okayama Study Tour on July 12, in which foreign and Japanese students visited Koraku-en and Okayama Castle, and discussed their charms or ways they could be improved.

A total of 49 foreign students, Japanese students, volunteers and staff participated. They were split into five teams and enthusiastically observed the sites, carefully checking the guidance and displays given as well as the convenience of the facilities. During their workshop they discussed the charms of the facilities and points for improvement. The foreign students made comments such as: "I was fascinated by the bamboo varieties which we don't have in the West," "There's a lot of difficult Japanese explanations for foreigners," and "There aren't many explanations in foreign languages," while expressing their appreciation in being able to find new discoveries in both Koraku-en and Okayama Castle. Lastly, Vice-president Masaru Araki gave each participant a completion certificate.

The tour is part of the Foreign Student Exchange Center Initiative (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) and was held with the cooperation of the local government and the Okayama Convention Center. Further events are planned for the future to improve the charms of Okayama as an international city.