Okayama University Archery Club members win first place in a completion in 2014.
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Okayama University Archery Club practice session.
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Okayama University Archery Club

“The Club was set up in 1971,” says the serving captain and 3rd year physics student Yuta Kobayashi. “Skilled archers are usually physically strong and able to concentrate and focus on the target as they pull the bow. Archery can be enjoyed throughout one’s lifetime. ”

The club currently has 12 members. Nine are engineering majors and only two have previous experience of archery. So most of the members are new to the sport. “Some of the reasons why students started archery at university include sports facilities for doing archery had not been available before, and another reason is the desire to try something new,” says Kobayashi. “Some students start archery because it’s cool!”

Kobayashi points out that anyone—irrespective of age or physical build—can master and do well at archery. With regular practice even complete beginners can take part in intercollegiate and national tournaments.

Members of the club practice daily in the evenings from around four thirty. The members watch each other during the practice sessions to give feedback about style and so on.

All the members take part in the five annual tournaments organized by the All Japan Student Archery Federation and six tournaments of the ‘five university competition’. Individual club members also take part in prefectural competitions. Notably, both the men’s and women’s teams won first place in the ‘five university competition’ in 2014.