Members of the Okayama University Kendo Club
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In action during a competition
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Preparing for a BBQ
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Okayama University Kendo Club

“The Okayama University Kendo Club was established in 1954,” explains Shinichiro Tanaka, the captain of the club and a 2nd year student at the Department of Mechanical and Systems Engineering. “The essential human traits for success in kendo are civility, respect for opponents, and the will power to continue. Our members have strong personalities.”

The Club is composed of 36 students with roughly equal numbers from each academic year and departments including engineering, education, pharmacy, and law.
“Very few members started kendo after enrolling at university,” says Shinichiro. “Many of our members started kendo during primary school. Some stopped during junior high school and started again at university.”

The club participates in many competitions in Japan with the members practicing regularly at the University Dojo. Typically, the members practice 5 times per week and hold training camps in the spring and summer where the students themselves plan the routines for practice sessions.

Recently the Okayama Kendo Club participated in the 61st All Japan Kendo Championships and 62nd Chushikoku Student Kendo League Championships, where the club captain Shinichiro Tanaka finished in the best 16.

“Our club holds other activities each year including BBQs and end of year parties. Come and join us!”