Shizuka Imai, captain of the Okayama University Dance Club
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Members of the Okayama University Dance Club after being awarded the Special Prize at the All Japan Festival.
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Okayama University Dance Club: Contemporary dance with a hint of ballet

"Many of the students in the Okayama University Dance Club have strong personalities and want to express their inner emotions via dance," says club captain Shizuka Imai. "Our performances of contemporary dance have their roots in ballet."

The club was established 50 years ago and currently has 14 members. "Quite coincidently, we have equal numbers of male and female members," explains Shizuka. "We meet four times a weeks to do muscle and general body training in addition to practicing moves for new dance routines for competitions and other such performances."

The Club is known for its unique, sometimes unconventional dance steps, and original accompanying music produced in collaboration with local musicians.

" Our members from many different departments at Okayama University," says Shizuka. " I am a third year at the Department of Education. The club members have strong personalities, which leads to lively discussions about dance routines. I guess our club is for people who want to dance but cannot do ballet!"

Club members are now busy preparing for a major national dance completion that will be held in May 2013. "We have produced many videos of our performances that can be found on the web," says Shizuka. "Check them out!"

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