Practice at the club room
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Students from both universities going on a campus tour.
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Introduction to student activities

The Shogi Club’s Hani wins second place in the Shogi Student Master Championship!

Yutaka Hani, a third-year student in the Faculty of Law who belongs to Okayama University Shogi Club, won second place in the 2017 Student Master Championship hosted by the All Japan Student Shogi Association held in a hotel in Tokyo from May 27-28.

Thirty-two student amateurs who qualified through regional competitions participated in the championship. There was fierce competition throughout the tournament. Despite it being his first time to participate, Hani advanced to the final game. Unfortunately, he came in second after losing to Hayata Fujioka from University of Tokyo, who recently was in the news for playing against the youngest professional shogi player in Japan, Sota Fujii (fourth-dan).

Afterwards, Hani looked back on the results and was fired up for the next competition, saying, “I would like to win the Team Tournament that will be held next September and seek my revenge there.”

International exchange held between University of Arkansas and Okayama University students

On 27 May 2017, 13 students from the University of Arkansas visited Okayama University to hold an exchange with Okayama University students.

House of Representatives member Takashi Yamashita, an alumni of Junior High School attached to Okayama University, attended the group and gave the opening remarks as a representative of Japan to welcome the group. Executive Vice President for International Affairs Hiroshi Kanzaki also welcomed the group by stating, “Please learn the local dialect such as “Bo-ke,” enjoy your time here, and come again.”

During the exchange, students from both universities made self-introductions and held discussions, as well as explored the campus together to deepen their friendship.