Members of the Okayama University Kyudo Club. Yuuki Umahara is the last person on the right hand side in the 2nd row.
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'Pulling with the bones, not the muscles'
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Okayama University Kyudo Club: Enjoyable insights into one of Japan's traditional martial arts

"The Okayama Kyudo Club was founded 63 years ago," says Yuuki Umahara, a senior member of the club. "Some of the founding members still attend our practice sessions." The club has 45 members of whom 30% are female students. "We welcome new members at any time of the year," says Umahara. "We would like to encourage more international students to join. It's really very enjoyable."

Club members meet on Wednesdays for regular practice with competitive sessions on Saturdays. The Club was 2nd place in the local 'chugoku and shikoku' region university competition recently explains Umahara. "We continsuously strive to improve our abilities," stresses Umahara. "Kyudo does not require physical strength, but does need a stable upper body. We say that we 'pull with our bones, not our muscles'."

The Club members meet for an informal dinner each month to relax and share experiences. "The Okayama Kyodo Club offers an enjoyable way of learning more about one of Japan's traditional marital arts," saya Umahara. "Join us!"

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