Funabiki Lab in a trip near Onomichi station (Tamer Hashem Farag is center of front row)
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Egyptian kitchen day activity
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TopicsLetters from alumni

Tamer Hashem Farag

Assistant Professor Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Cairo University, Egypt.

I received my doctorate from the Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology of Okayama University in October 2009. The theme of my research was wireless networks and my supervisor was Professor Nobuo Funabiki. The doctorate was not only a milestone in my academic career but also in all matters related to my life. In academia, I have learned how to find, define, evaluate, and solve problems. I have developed skills on presenting myself and my work. I have learned how to work as a member of a team.

I was lucky that during my stay at Okayama University, I was given the opportunity to stay one more year as a research student after my graduation. And, during my 5 years at Okayama University I was able to absorb a wide spectrum of knowledge and to engage in many activities. With the help and support of Professor Masumi Oka, I had a great culture experience during the Japanese course. I had a 'democratic experience' in establishing Halal food meals in the university restaurants, through my position as the president of the International Student Union. I built good and strong social relationships through the barbeque parties of my lab, by which, I have got the chance to visit Japan in September 2011 as a visiting associate professor organized by Dr. Yukikazu Murakami one of my lab colleagues. My family and the Muslim International Students' Society faced great challenges and nice memories during the establishment of Okayama Students' Mosque beside the university campus.

My relationship with Okayama University and the city of Okayama has not finished, but is just beginning. Last February, Cairo University invited two professors from Japanese universities specializing in special and rare subjects. Prof. Nobuo Funabiki and Prof. Shinji Sugawara from Chiba institute of Technology. The three students of my research group have benefited greatly from that visit.

Okayama is always in my mind and my heart.