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TopicsLetters from alumni

Nan Bin Mad Sahar

Senior Lecturer
Department of Computer Engineering
Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM)

It seemed like it was yesterday that I posted my application form to the Okayama University post graduate admissions office hoping for a brighter future. The next thing I recalled were memories of the blooming pink Sakura and the azure spring sky that accompanied me at the beginning of my journey to the unknown. I can attest that the journey to acquire the scroll that was my graduation certificate was a hard one. My eventual graduation was proof that I could conduct research, the validity of which was confirmed by objective assessment.

In 2007 I decided to further my studies under the supervision of a very dedicated and wise professor. Indeed, I will forever cherish his kindness in guiding me and I hope that one day, I can be a charismatic professor as him too. Prior to starting my doctoral course I conducted an informal survey of those who had walked the path of a postgraduate student. The question I often asked was, "How did it feel during and after completing the courses?" The answer I often received was that the master's courses were 'hard' and 'easy', while doctorates were hard during and after.

Undeniably it was difficult, challenging, and everything in between. I sum up my experience in the following words: It does not matter where you 'dine' but with whom you 'dine'. And that was what made my experience at Okayama University all the more worthwhile. The people that shaped my university life—the professors, lecturers, administration staff, and especially friends helped mold the person I am now. I owe a debt gratitude to each and every one of them.

It has been three years now, since I left Okayama University. As a university lecturer in southern Malaysia, I have been utilizing all the experiences I had gained while at Okayama University to teach students at my university here in Malaysia. I hope that one day they too will contribute to the society to create a better future.