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Participating in a conference with Professor Koji Kurihara
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TopicsLetters from alumni

Dr. Ahmed AL-Sultan

Statistical analyst
Directorate general of civil aviation, Kuwait International Airport.
Assistant Professor (part time), Statistics & Operations Research Department, College of science, Kuwait University.

I went to Japan in October 2008 after receiving a Japanese government "monbukagakusho scholarship", as a graduate student to Okayama University majoring in statistics. The staff and volunteer students at Okayama University were very helpful and kind. Before I moved to my own apartment, I lived in the dormitory for international students. The dormitory was very convenient since it is only a five minute walk to the campus.

Before I begin my research at the Graduate School of Environmental and Life Science, I studied Japanese language for one semester. There was another class called the "study of Japan" for studying Japanese culture. This class was very interesting since students learned many things such as observing and practicing the tea ceremony. Although I usually cooked Kuwaiti cuisine in my apartment, I really like Japanese food such as sushi, Okonomiyaki. Also, I really enjoyed the Sakura season in Okayama, and usually went with my friends to see the Sakura trees. In summer, there were many festivals where people wore Yukata and went to enjoy fireworks.

I usually spent most of my time in my lab doing research until the evening. My research advisor was very supportive and kind. I really appreciate his helpful support during my research. I finished my doctorate degree at Okayama University in March 2012 and stayed four months afterwards to continue my research. Then I returned to Kuwait and now I'm working at Kuwait International Airport as a statistical analyst and also as a part time assistant professor at Kuwait University.

I'm so glad to have had the opportunity to study at Okayama University. I learned a lot about Japanese culture and made many friends. To me, Okayama is my second home. I'm looking forward to visit Japan again soon.