Members off the Okayama University ‘Go’ club at a practice session.
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Go Club at Okayama University

“The Okayama University ‘Go Club’ was established around 1968 and currently has approximately 34 active members,” explains Shota Miyake, 2nd year undergraduate at the Faculty of Law and head of the club. “Generally speaking, good players must be calm but make dynamic moves when occasions necessitate. Also, outstanding players can read many moves ahead whilst monitoring the whole of the board. The ability to gauge your opponent’s strengths and knowing whether to ‘push’ or ‘step back’ is also important. ”

The ratio of male to female members is approximately 8 to 1. The club does have experienced members but many had not played before joining the club. Overseas students frequently watch the members of the club playing.

The members of the club practice by playing each other as well as pursuing games by referring to records of games played by professional players for practical experience of high level games. The members also organize an annual ‘Go summer camp’.

The club participates in competitions held throughout the year. “In 2013 the Okayama Club was third place in the All Japan Go Championship,” says Miyake. “Also, one of our members was 1st and 2nd place in the Spring 2013 championships.”

“The rules of Go are very simple but the game is very stimulating and has great depth,” declares Miyake. “Come and join us.”

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