Kōrakuen Garden (1863) Established by IKEDA Tsunamasa in 1700 for his recreation. This picture depicts the Garden in the late Edo period. It is notable the locations of the main landmarks, such as ponds and tea houses are similar to the garden now. Enlarge Image

List of Products from Territories in Bizen and Bitchū Provinces (1736) An example of ‘list of parts’ or ‘sanbutsu-cho’ submitted to Tokugawa Shogunate, which led to increased interest locally in the regions nature, history, and customs.
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Chronicle of Nobunaga(Shinchō ki)
This is a 15 volume collection designated as an Important Cultural Property.
A war tale written in 1610 by ŌTA Gyūichi at the request of the Ikeda family about the warlord ODA Nobunaga. This collection contains unique descriptions about the activities of the Ikeda family.
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The Ikeda Family Collection at Okayama University

The Ikeda Family Collection is a unique set of manuscripts, pictures and books that were donated to Okayama University when the modern structure of the University was established in 1949. The Collection was owned by the Ikeda Family that governed the southeastern part of modern day Okayama Prefecture from 1603-1867-the Edo period.

The 100,000 items of the Ikeda Family Collection are housed at the Okayama University Central Library and offer unique insights into life during the Edo period, for both veteran scholars and students.

Further information
1. The Ikeda Family Collection at Okayama University:
(In Japanese only)
2. Exhibition of the Ikeda Family Collection :“Okayama Han and the Meiji Restoration”
Date: 1-16 November 2014 (except 10 November)
Place: 4th Floor, Okayama City Museum