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Members making ‘yaki soba’ at a festival.
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Okayama University Shogi Club

“The Okayama University Shogi Club has a history of about 30 years, “says Naoki Ito , a third year economics student and captain of the club. “We have approximately 50 members from 1st to 4th undergraduates.”

According to Ito good shogi players are calm, with a wide field of view of the game, and above all they “do not want to lose”.

The Okayama University Shogi Club has five female members. Also, the majority of the members are students from science and engineering who starting laying the game during their childhood days. The club is open to all students at Okayama University including foreign students, but at the moment we do not have any overseas members.

The members of club gather to practice from 8 to 10 every evening except Sundays. The sessions consists of games between members as well as studying the strategies of professional shogi players.

The ‘Chubu-Shikoku Region Students Shogi Tournament’ is the main local completion held in the spring and autumn each year. “Winning at the Shikoku tournament guarantees a place to compete at the national student’s tournament,” says Ito. “Recently we have lost twice consecutively, but previously we won three out of four competitions. We take part in the national competition as one of the strongest student teams in Japan.”

The Okayama University Shogi Club is one of the largest shogi club in the Chubu-Shikoku Region of Japan. “We welcome newcomers to join the club and take part in Japanese chess!”

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Website: http://okadaishogi.web.fc2.com/