Faculty of Law | Okayama University



The origin of Faculty of Law at Okayama University is the law division of Faculty of Law and Literature that was founded in 1949. The division was reorganized into an independent entity as Faculty of Law in 1980, and will celebrate its sixtieth anniversary in 2009. We also wish we could attract your attention to the fact that Law School of Okayama University, founded in 2004, is an offspring of our faculty. Since its foundation, our faculty has made significant contribution to the regional community as the center of research and education in the field of law and political science.

Our Former Students Prominent in Society

Every year, our faculty produces more than two hundred prospective youngsters with diplomas. Some of them choose legal professions as their career plans, some join local and central governments as civil servants to contribute to their communities, while some try to get involved with international business. Their professional and occupational activities are really wide-ranging. We believe that all of them take their days at our faculty proudly. This is the very reason why we invite many prospective students to our faculty that locates in a spacious and beautiful campus.