Faculty of Law | Okayama University


Our Mission Statement

We are well aware of, however, that our experiences in the first decade of this century encourage us to explore a new direction. Among all, we need to mention two factors.

Firstly, we passed our original role to produce lawyers onto our newly born law school. This means that our educational mission has to be redefined. Today, our faculty gives high priority to enhance the students’ ability to reason legally, and to cultivate their analytical skills of political science. We believe that these ability and skills enable them to think out of the box, find creative resolutions, and become responsible persons in the society.

The second factor is globalization that accelerates diversity and complexity in a society. The modern times tend to see weakening social networks and isolated people. Given such problems, one of our main goals in education is to enhance students’ ability to communicate their opinions and intentions in an effective way. With this goal, we have made various efforts to provide many courses of foreign languages, improve teacher/students ratio in a classroom, and introduce internship practices into our curriculum, to name a few.