Faculty of Law | Okayama University


Admission Policy

Program Overview

The Faculty of Law aims to seek students to acquire knowledge, skills and abilities to respond reasonably to various problems occurring in contemporary society through learning law and politics. For this purpose, we support students in developing following qualities:

  1. The ability to “think like a lawyer,” or what we call “legal mind,” which enables students to solve issues in a logical and rational manner based on the fundamental knowledge and doctrines of the various fields of law.
  2. The desire and ability to independently identify, analyze and solve a variety of contemporary issues from diverse points of view on politics and society.
  3. The communication and information application abilities enriched by the knowledge of international relations, which enable students to play active roles in global information society.

Profiles of Exemplary Candidates

We place strong focus on the academic abilities formed through one’s high school education and are looking for students who possess the following qualities:

  1. A broad interest in regards to society, and a desire to adaptively think about various topics from a wide-range of perspectives.
  2. A desire to independently identify, persistently consider, and come to conclusions about various issues.
  3. An interest in global trends, and a desire to play an active role in the whole world from a global viewpoint.

In regards to future employment, we also welcome applicants who hope to work in the legal profession as judge, public prosecutor and attorney or in the law-related occupation at local and national governments as well as in private enterprises.

It is recommended that applicants cultivate abilities to read, think and express themselves in Japanese and a foreign language, as well as acquire thorough foundational academic abilities and consistent study behaviors.