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Education Philosophy

Mouth is necessary not only for breathing, eating, speaking for a person in carrying out daily activities but it is also an important organ to present rich expression in one's everyday life.
Also, recently, it has been highlighted that oral function is related to the brain function such as chewing food enhancing memory and learning. The purpose of oral medicine is to manage such an important oral health by conduct research for treatment and prevention of disease and apply the results of the scientific research of the mouth to the health enhancement of the entire body.
Okayama University Dental School aims to expand the education of excellent dental physicians and research in dental medicine, fosters human resources emphasizing providing of advanced dental medicine to the nation and research and development of the cutting edge in dental medicine. Furthermore, when the diversity and globalization of the needs of the society are progressing at a high speed today, we are striving to educate interdisciplinary and global human resources who can make comprehensive and appropriate decisions.

  1. Education of the holistic person who has broad education and the ability for making general decision by levering the special characteristics of a university
  2. Education of dentists who can respond proactively and creatively to the requests of society and the progress of science and become the bearer of advanced medical welfare.
  3. Education of knowledge and skill based on dental medicine that can be useful in various situations, and interdisciplinary and global mind of a scientist.
  4. Education of the spirit to learn throughout one's life to acquire skill to discover and solve problems in order to be the bearer of the research and development of the advanced dental care.



The purpose of education at Okayama University is the education of technical skill and character building. This becomes the foundation for the activity in the society after graduation. Namely, it is necessary to acquire the skill to contribute to the society in the diverse, complex, and informational society. In order to do that, it is necessary to acquire logical thinking, creative thinking, and high level of ethics and education, in addition to the advanced technical knowledge.
Okayama University Dental School educates undergraduates to be dentists who can be the bearers of advanced dental welfare, to be researchers who can be the bearers of cutting-edge research, finally development for dental welfare and human resources who can be active in various situations using dental medicine as a base. The education is an integrated 6-year curriculum aimed at learning the knowledge and skill necessary for a dental physician focusing on the general dental education such as clinical course needed for dental medicine and basic foundation courses

Ideal New Students

Dentistry is a comprehensive study, thus at Okayama University Dental School, education and research of broad fields ranging from natural life science to engineering field, as well as, humanity and social science are conducted. This is a school where various students, not only science course students, can play an active part.
From the above perspectives, we expect the students with the following characteristics, regardless of humanities course or science course.

  • Person with the sufficient basic scholastic achievement
  • Person with the geniality to care for other people and high level of ethics
  • Person motivated to work in everything
  • Person with strong curiosity and inquiring mind in life and health science
  • Person with clear sense of purpose to contribute to health and welfare of people, and to the local and global medical care


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