Information for Presentation

 For Speakers
・Please bring your presentation on your PC and/or USB flash Drive.
・Please check a monitor output terminal of your PC. We accept HDMI terminal.
If your computer does not have HDMI terminal, please bring your conversion adapters.
・Be sure to bring an AC adapter.
・If you do not use your own PC (bring your data), you must check the presentation after moving data to our PC.

 For Poster Presentation
・Please make your poster to fit the space within the display panel (width:max 90 cm, Height: max 150 cm)
・The title of your presentation, affiliation and presenter's names should be indicated at the top of the space for displaying your poster.
・Poster number will be indicated on the display panel.
・Make your presentation file (Powerpoint) for Short Talk Session in social gathering (night session at 25th, November). Presentation time is 3 min (3 to 5 slides).
・Submit your presentation file to the reception (please use a USB memory).
・We will use windows PC for presentation in short talk session. Please check your presentation in windows PC (please use common font such as Arial).