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Returning for Research

Returning to Okayama University for Research

JASSO follow-up services for international students
Follow-up Research Fellowship

The program provides former international students, who have returned home and are active in education, academic research, or public administration, the opportunity to conduct short-term joint research at a Japanese university. (Okayama University accepted 3 students in FY2015).
Application guidelines, a list of universities, and research results are available on the JASSO website. For details, see the link below.

Follow-up Research Guidance

The program dispatches the former academic advisors of international students who have returned home and are engaged in education or research at a university or research institution in order to provide research guidance to the former students in their home country.
For details, see the link below.

Hakuho Foundation Japanese Language Research Fellowship Program

The program invites leading researchers of Japanese language to Japan for to provide an opportunity to conduct research into Japanese language and Japanese language education while living in Japan. For details, see the link below.