Welcome to the IGU Commission on the Sustainability of Rural Systems

The Commission on the Sustainability of Rural Systems (CSRS) is one of the forty commissions of International Geographical Union (IGU). For twenty years CSRS has endeavoured to achieve a better understanding of rural areas and of their sustainability.

The future is in the countryside!

You are wholeheartedly invited to join us, to participate in our activities and to enable us, together, to gbe the change that we want to see in the worldh!

Co-Chair / PR?SIDENT
Ana Maria Viegas Firmino
Dept. of Geography & Regional Planning
Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal

Co-Chair / PR?SIDENT
Doo-Chul Kim
Dept. of Rural Environment Management
Okayama University, Japan

Report 2008-2013

The quadrennial acitivities report 2008-2012 of the IGU Commission on the Sustainability of Rural Systems " has been approved with the decision of its continuation in August 2012 at the IGC in Cologne. The report 2008-2012 reviews all activities of the Commssion.

Download the report for 2008-2012 here (pdf).

Download the annual report for 2012-2013 here (pdf).

Latest News

August-September 2014   
"Rural life and rural systems between tradition and integrated urban-rural development"
Twenty-second Annual Colloquium of the Commission on the Sustainability of Rural Systems: ROMANIA
Organized by Prof.Ioan Ianos (University of Bucharest)
Bucharest and Sibiu, ROMANIA, 25 August-3 September 2014
Download the third circular here (pdf).
Download the Guide for Fieldtrip here (pdf).
For more information, contact to Prof.Ioan Ianos (office@cicadit.ro)

July-August 2013   juillet-ao?t 2013
"Globalization and New Challenges of Agricultural and Rural Systems"
Twenty-first Annual Colloquium of the Commission on the Sustainability of Rural Systems: JAPAN
Organized by Doo-Chul KIM(Okayama University)
Nagoya University, Japan, 29 July-4 August 2013
Vingt et uni?me colloque annuel de la Commission sur le D?veloppement Durable et les Syst?mes Ruraux: JAPON
Organis? par Doo-Chul KIM(Universit? de Okayama)
Du 29 juillet au 4 ao?t, 2013
Download the first circular here (pdf).
Second circular is available for download here(Ms-word) here(pdf).
Registration form here(Ms-word) payment form here(Ms-word).
For more information, visit the official website of 2013 Nagoya Colloquium.
August 2013   ao?t 2013
IGU Regional Conference: JAPAN
August 4-9, 2013; the Commission will organize 5 sessions including 1 joint session with the commission on Marginalization, Globalization, and Regional and Local Responses.
Conf?rence r?gional de l'UGI ? Kyoto: JAPON
Du 4 au 9 ao?t, 2012
For more information, visit here.