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Cancer and General Intervention Section

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Cryoablation for renal cancer

Cryoablation treats renal cancer by creating an iceball using high-pressure argon gas.

An iceball is created at the tip of a needle(left figure). Intraprocedural CT shows that renal cancer is successfully treated by iceball.

Radiofrequency ablation for lung cancer

We have performed this therapy since 2001.

PET-CT image before therapy demonstrates lung cancer (left). The cancer is ablated with umbrella-like expandable electrode (middle). PET-CT image after therapy demonstrates that the cancer is no more viable (right).

Cryoablation for vascular malformations

We perform cryoablation for symptomatic vascular malformations.

The lesion is treated with an iceball(left). The lesion after therapy(right lower) becomes unclear compared with that before therapy(right upper).

Future therapies

Irreversible electroporation(IRE)

This is a novel therapy used to treat cancer with high voltage. Only a few institutions in Japan can provide this therapy. We will use it for hepatic and pancreatic cancer, which are difficult to treat with existing therapies.

MRI-guided intervention

We will perform interventional therapies for cancer under a novel high-performance open-type MRI guidance.

Development of medical robot

We have been developing a remotecontrolled robot to insert needles under CT guidance for treatment of various cancers. The robot enables very accurate needle insertion without radiation exposure to physicians.