Entrance to a cave with an entrance of 30 meters
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Practicing going into a cave hole with a single piece of rope
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Unusual products inside a cave
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Bats inside a cave
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Caving club: For students with curiosity about the world below our feet

“The Okayama University Caving Club was established in 1967,” says Syota Takami, leader of the club. “We currently have 41 members from a wide cross section of majors and age groups of students at Okayama University.”

What are the traits of the club? Almost all new members do not have any previous experience of caving, there are more male than female members, and intriguingly, many of the members are studying science and engineering majors.

“The ability to cooperate with other people is important in caving,” says Takami. “Our members have such skills.”

Takami confides that caving can sometimes be scary. “But there are many things that we can see inside caves that do not exist above ground. People who explore caves enjoy new challenges and are brimming with curiosity.”

Okayama University Caving Club meets to practice climbing using rock climbing facilities in Okayama City. The club also participates in “cave rescue” competitions and finished in third place in the 2014 competition.

“We also gather to enjoy barbeques and events not directly related to caving,” says Takami. “Come and join us!”

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