Practising in the gym
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Practicing at the Okayama International Ice Rink
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At an inter-collegiate competition
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Okayama University figure skating club

"The Okayama University Figure Skating Club was set up in 1987," says Souma Kobayashi, the captain of the club and a 4th year student of the Matching Program Course. "We currently have six members. We practice regularly at the Okayama International Skate Rink, which is conveniently located and reasonably priced."

Most of the newcomers are inexperienced when they join the club. "Graduates teach new members," says Yoji Tsuboi, a 4th year student of the Matching Program Course. "Beginners learn to go from simple walking to making simple spins within a few months. Being able to do the axel jump is the minimum requirement for participating in competitions."

Tsuboi succeeded in attaining first place in the individual competition at the Japan Collegiate Ice Sports Championships, held in Hokkaido on 7-8 January 2014. He has been 3rd place in the group event for two consecutive years.

Okayama Prefecture has been the birth place of many internationally renowned Japanese figure skaters, including Daisuke Takahashi. "Okayama has excellent facilities for figure skating," says Tsuboi. "We practice two days per week at the rink as well as regular exercise in the gym. It's really enjoyable. Join us!"

Okayama University figure skating club website: http://www.geocities.jp/okayamafsc/