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Okayama University Yacht Club Wins First Place in the 2021 Chugoku and Shikoku Regions Sailing Championship

September 10, 2021

The Okayama University Yacht Club came first place in the overall team ranking for the 2021 Chugoku and Shikoku Regions Sailing Championship, which was held at Ushimado Harbor (Ushimado-cho, Setouchi City) from July 23 to July 24. The championship featured two different classes: the International Snipe Class and International 470 Class. Okayama University Yacht Club team members dominated the podium in the 470 Class individual event and took first and third place in the Snipe Class, resulting in an overall victory for the team in both classes.

In the International 470 Class, 18 yachts participated in seven races in an attempt to secure the best overall score. KITAOKA Ryuji (4th year, Faculty of Engineering) and NISHI Takahiro (4th year, Faculty of Engineering) came in first place on their two-person dingey, while HORIBE Mayu (4th year, Faculty of Agriculture) and ISHII Tatsuki (3rd year, Faculty of Engineering) took second place and KANENAKA Takuho (4th year, Faculty of Engineering) and KUSAMOTO Ryo (4th year, Faculty of Economics) came in third place. Similarly, 19 yachts competed in seven races in the International Snipe Class to gain the best overall score. UEMURA Chika (3rd year, Faculty of Economics) and MIYAMOTO Taisei (4th year, Faculty of Agriculture) came in first place; while TAI Yuki (4th year, Faculty of Engineering), OKO Shiori (4th year, Faculty of Economics) and KUNIHIRO Kota (3rd year, Faculty of Engineering) came in third place.

Individual results were tallied to determine the overall team ranking. Okayama University Yacht Club triumphed in both classes, placing first out of three teams in the 470 Class and four teams in the Snipe Class.

This championship also served as a qualifier for the All Japan Intercollegiate Individual Sailing Championship, which is to be held in Aichi Prefecture on October 29. Sailors that placed in the top four for either class will compete in the All Japan Championship (excluding the pair that came third in the Snipe Class, who were ultimately not allowed to qualify because of a member change).

In response to his team’s favorable results, Okayama university Yacht Club Captain KUSAMOTO Ryo commented, “Even though we were not able to practice much because of the current situation under the coronavirus pandemic, the twenty-eight members in our team—including new members—united to claim total victory. We are determined to do our best and hope to repeat our success in the team championship in autumn and the All Japan Championship.”