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The Yacht Club of Okayama University wins overall team victory in the 68th Intercollegiate Sailing Tournament in the Chugoku region!

September 25, 2018

On September 8 and 9, our university’s Yacht Club won a team victory in both the International 470 and International Snipe Classes of the 68th China Intercollegiate Sailing Tournament, which was held at the Hiroshima Kannon Marina, and won an overall team victory among the six participating universities! This was our first overall team victory in four years since the one in 2014, and our first overall team victory to include championship in the above two Classes in 10 years since 2008.

Winning this Tournament also meant clearing the Preliminaries in Waters in the Chugoku region for the 83rd All Japan Intercollegiate Sailing Championship, and our university’s Yacht Club successfully broke through the barrier whereby universities that have won one of the Classes alone can enter the All Japan Intercollegiate Sailing Championship, and qualified for the national championship.

Since it was defeated in the Tournament last year, our university’s Yacht Club had devoted itself to strict training, aiming to win the Tournament and to become the overall higher-place winner in the All Japan Intercollegiate Sailing Championship. Captain Sugitachi of the Yacht Club powerfully expressed his ambition, saying, “We would also like to achieve our goal in the national championship using our team strength, and share the joy among all the members!”