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Department of Animal Resources

 The Department of Animal Resources was established to support research and education focusing on experimental animal use, and is comprised of Shikata Laboratory, Tsushima South Laboratory, and Tsushima North Laboratory on the Shikata and Tsushima campuses.

Department of Animal Resources
Animal experiments

Promotion of experimental animal welfare

 The Department of Animal Resources, as the cornerstone of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) at Okayama University, collects and transmits animal-experiment related information within the university, for education and training purposes as well as conducts inspections to promote compliance with the Act on Welfare and Management of Animals and animal experiments based on experimental animal welfare.

Support of animal experiment

 The Department of Animal Resources has full-time animal experimentation technologists in all laboratories to support research and education activities. The Shikata Laboratory, a core facility, has full-time veterinarians and an experimental animal infection study area for Bio-Safety Level 2 (BSL-2) and BSL-3, a behavioral analysis area, and an experimental area for medium-sized animals. In addition, the Laboratory is equipped with an X-ray computed tomography scanner, an X-ray irradiation generator, an in vivo bio-imaging analyzer for experimental infections, a blood analyzer and other equipment to provide total support from care and maintenance of experimental animals and implementation of animal experiments to postoperative care. The Tsushima South Laboratory has an animal experimental area for agricultural research and education.


Department of Animal Resources

Animal practical training