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Division of Instrumental Analysis

 The Department of Instrumental Analysis supports education research by centrally controlling large analytical instruments and promoting their shared use to provide effective operation of analytical instruments and advanced measurement technology. Currently, full-time staff members are in charge of managing 30 or more analytical instruments in the Department of Instrumental Analysis, providing user education and performing requested analysis. Moreover, the Department has strived to make contributions to inter-university collaboration and local industries. As such, it has also started an initiative to accept analysis testing requested by other universities and general companies.

Division of Cryogenics

 The Department of Cryogenics was established to supply liquid nitrogen and liquid helium to internal users by installing production, storage and supply equipment of liquid helium and liquid nitrogen supply equipment. The Department supports low temperature research and education through the stable supply of these cryogens and implements safety education according to the High Pressure Gas Safety Act.


Department of Instrumental Analysis & Cryogenics

Division of Instrumental Analysis
  • TEL:086-251-8746, 8217
  • FAX:086-251-8748
Division of Cryogenics
  • TEL:086-251-8730
Equipment workshop
Liquid nitrogen supply equipment