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Project Introduction

OMIC molecular imaging department

 The Okayama Medical Innovation Center (OMIC) was founded in 2011. OMIC molecular imaging department is installed in the Shikata Laboratory. OMIC molecular imaging department provides the animal imaging probes for a variety of field including cancer research. There are the latest apparatus, such as cyclotron, hot cell and synthesizers, PET system for small and medium sized animals, X-ray CT, and fluorescence imaging system. The aim of OMIC molecular imaging center is to promote industry-academic collaboration research and bridging basic animal research and clinical research. Department of Animal Resources, which is adjoining the Shikata Laboratory, supports the breeding and supply of experimental animals for molecular imaging.

Requested Analysis

 We provide services for requested analysis in the Department of Instrumental Analysis and the Department of Genomics & Proteomics with a view toward collaborative efforts between industry, academia and government. We support wide-ranging research from physics and engineering to medicine, dentistry, pharmacology, and agriculture mainly through use of the equipment shown below. Please feel free to contact us from inside or outside of the university.

Department of Instrumental Analysis

  • CHN elements analyzer
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer (300 MHz, 400 MHz, 600 MHz)
  • Single crystal X-ray structure analysis system(Mo target, Cu target)
  • X-ray diffractometer for powder and thin-film samples
  • HPLC-QTOF mass spectrometry

Department of Genomics & Proteomics

  • MALDI-TOF/TOF mass spectrometer
  • ImagePrep (MALDI imaging)
  • Proteineer fc (LC-MALDI fraction collector)
  • Ettan DALT six large electrophoresis system