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Greetings From Director of Center

Advanced Science Research Center Okayama University
Director of Center

Takuo Kuboki

 The Advanced Science Research Center of Okayama University was established in April 2003 through an integration of the university’s research facilities that had been previously independently administered throughout the campus. The establishment of the Center furthers the advancement of educational research within the university strengthening the support system in order to better respond to advancements in education and research in the field of natural sciences (including natural life science), fusion of interdisciplinary fields, promotion of advanced research, and development of collaborative efforts with the community outside the university.
 The Center is comprised of four departments: Radiation Research, Animal Resources, Genomics & Proteomics, and Instrumental Analysis & Cryogenics carrying out integrated operations and management and multifaceted education research support services based on a long-term perspective that moves beyond areas of research. In particular, radioisotope experiments, animal experiments, and recombinant DNA experiments required in the research of advanced science fields demand a high degree of compliance. The Center has implemented a management system to appropriately handle such matters to ensure strict compliance. In addition, although we have traditionally provided research support mainly to internal researchers, we intend to further promote the shared use of facilities and equipment and more actively develop services that engage the community outside the university. We ask and look forward to your further cooperation and support.