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Department of Radiation Research

 The Department of Radiation Research was established to support research and education in the uses of radiation and radioisotopes (RI), and Laboratories are located on the Tsushima Campus and Shikata Campus.

Shikata LaboratoryTsushima Laboratory
Radiation experiments。

Support of research utilizing radiation and radioisotope

 There are rooms for recombinant DNA research: P2/P3 level rooms in Shikata Laboratory, and P1/P2 level rooms in Tsushima Laboratory. In Shikata Laboratory, there are several advanced equipments such as animal SPECT/CT, bio-imaging analyzer, and Ge-semiconducter detector. The experiment on small animals using radioisotopes is also available. Two Laboratories work in close cooperation with each other to support any researches using radiation and radioisotopes. In addition, Okayama Medical Innovation Center molecular imaging department is installed the Shikata Laboratory, and offers in vivo animal imaging research.

Radiation safety management and education

 The Department of Radiation Research has the responsibility for radiation safety management in Okayama University. There are lecture rooms and practice rooms specific for radiation education to medical, paramedical, pharmaceutical, and agricultural students, and education and training to the radiation workers under the laws and the regulations.


Department of Radiation Research

Shikata Laboratory TEL:086-235-7496
Tsushima Laboratory TEL:086-251-7283
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