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History of the Faculty of Agriculture of Okayama

March 1946Okayama Agricultural College established
May 1949Okayama University established; Faculty of Agriculture (Department of Agriculture and Department of Horticulture) organized as a faculty of Okayama University
October 1949Okayama Agricultural College consolidated with Okayama University
April 1950Research farms (Okayama Research Farm and Hachihama Research Farm) and Research Forest established
March 1951Okayama Agricultural College abolished
April 1951Ohara Institute for Agricultural Research affiliated with Okayama University
April 1953Department of Animal Husbandry established
July 1953Ohara Institute for Agricultural Research reorganized into a research institute of Okayama University
May 1955Hachihama Research Farm opened in Hachihama-cho, Tamano City
April 1959Postgraduate Course in Agriculture established
April 1961Department of Agrochemical Bioscience established
February 1964Honjima Research Farm opened in Honjima-cho, Marugame City, Kagawa Prefecture
April 1966Department of Agricultural Engineering established
April 1971Postgraduate Course in Agriculture abolished
November 1978Tsudaka Livestock Farm opened
April 1985Research Forest abolished
April 1986Five Departments of Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Agrochemical Bioscience and Agricultural Engineering reorganized into a single department, the Department of Agricultural Sciences
October 1994Department of Agricultural Infrastructure Development and Conservation abolished; Department of Agriculture and Forest Production Ecology and Department of Regional Resources Management newly established
April 1999Departments reorganized with the restructuring of the Faculty of Agriculture
April 2002Research farms reorganized into the Field Science Center
April 2004Okayama University incorporated as the National University Corporation of Okayama University
April 2006Departments reorganized into four specialized Courses with the restructuring of Faculty of Agriculture
March 2012Honjima Research Farm closed