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Mandatory Stress Check test


Helping employees to identify the level of stress that they are under and to do self-care and helping employers to improve the work environment through collective analysis of date in the workplace.

Surveillance period

September 1 - 30 , 2021


Employees working 29 hours or more per week according to employment contract.
*Employees working less than 29 hours per week should use "Stress self-check at workplace" of the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (厚生労働省の"5分間でできる職場のストレスセルフチェック") that can be done in 5minutes.

Examination method

This check is done in the Moodle. Please access to the Moodle referring to the following test manual. (English Ver
*You can access to the Moodle and take the test on the internet not limited to campus network. You can also take the test using your smartphone.

To send the result

We will directly send the result paper to each examine.

Handling of the results

Prantitioners of the stress check (three members : industrial physician and a public health nurse who are under a confidentiality obligation) handles the input date, and the individual results will not be provided to anyone without their consent.
The collective analysis results are used in a way that does not identify individuals.

To take the test

Please access below URL and log in.

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