Okayama University




【Japanese version】

1.University Housing

Okayama University has 4 dormitories for international students. For further information, please refer to here.


All the dormitories are for single residents. Students accompanied by dependants cannot live in university dormitories. If you accompany your family, you have to find the apartment on your own. It is usually very difficult for foreigners to sign a lease from overseas. The International Affairs Department strongly recommends that you come to Japan alone first and invite your family after you have settled down.

2.Private Apartment

Okayama University does not provide an agency service for private apartments. Therefore, you will need to look for an apartment yourself. There are many real estate firms nearby the university. You could also find a place while walking around town, and some properties are even posted at the University Coop on campus.
Generally, rent for a private apartment in Okayama ranges between 30,000 yen and 60,000 yen per month. At the time of application you may also need to pay a security deposit (two or three months’ rent) and key money, and agency fee.

In Japan, a guarantor(連帯保証人) is usually required when you rent a private housing. If it is necessary to have a guarantor for a lease contract, students are required to use a private guarantor company specified by the real estate agencies, etc.
Please refer to here.

*Temporary Stay*

Okayama University has a temporary stay system under which international students who come directly from overseas to Japan can stay temporarily, for up to one month, in a dormitory while they search for an apartment after they arrive in Japan.
*You cannot choose the dormitory.

Temporary stay fee (per person) :
Kuwanoki Dormitory (single room) up to 30 nights 26,000yen
International House (shared room) up to 14 nights 16,500yen, 15 to 30 nights 33,000yen
* The fee includes the utility expenses.

Each room has a bed, but no bedding. If you want to purchase a bedding set, please apply through the ”Bed Set Booking System".

*The login ID and password are the same as the ones for “OKAYAMA UNIVERSITY Application for Certificate of Eligibility for Status Residence System.”

*1 bedding-set = 15,070 (a comforter, a mattress, a blanket, a pillow and sheet set)

*Application dead line is up to 20 days before the scheduled date of arrival. Applications after the deadline is not accepted.