Okayama University


For 2023 October Entrants (Undergraduate Students)

Welcome to Okayama University! On this special page, you will find necessary and important information for new undergraduate students entering in October, 2023.

Materials related to courses and academic platform

NO Materials
1 How to set up campus information services Okadai ID, Okadai Gmail, moodle
2 General Education Courses Study Guide
General Education Time Table(Moodle )【Japanese Only】
3 Purchasing Textbooks
4 Academic Affairs system Manual
5 How to use Microsoft Teams and Stream

Materials related to student life

NO Materials
1 【Important】 Health Checkup Japanese
【Important】 Health Checkup  English
2 Disaster and Accident Insurance System for Students (“Gakkensai ”)
Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research(“Gakkensai”), and Liability Insurance coupled with “Gakkensai” (“Gakkenbai”)
3 Okayama University Safety Confirmation System“ANPIC ”
4 Club and Circle Information(”Kouyuukai”)【PC version】 Japanese Only
Club and Circle Information(”Kouyuukai”)【Smartphone version】 Japanese Only

Use of Various facilities

NO Materials
1 Software Available to Students at Okayama University
2 About Print Out Service
3 Okayama University Library User’s Guide 2023
4 ☕ Wonders of L-café ~Let's look at it from an international~ 【Japanese Only 】
5 Guide to using the Okayama University Student card


NO Materials
1 【Important】Tuition Payment Account Registration System
2 Studying Abroad from Okayama University
3 Notification of Academic Results to Parents/Guardians
4 Handling of Personal Information at Okayama University

Notification from Okayama City, etc.

NO Materials
1 Okayama City Ordinance to Promote the Safe and Proper Use of Bicycles(Effective April 1, 2021)【Japanese Only】
2 Bicycle Accident Awareness【Japanese Only】
3 About Okayama City Garbage Separation Application【Japanese Only】


NO Materials
1 Okayama University Integrated Report
2 Okayama University Media (”OTD”) 【Japanese Only 】
3 OKAYAMA SDGs X - Okayama University SDGs Portal -