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Center for Global Partnerships and Education

As of September 1, 2015, Okayama University has partnerships with 217 academic and research institutions from 35 countries/regions, and we are proud to have hosted over 500 international students from these areas.

The Center for Global Partnerships and Education was founded in July 2014 reorganizing the International Center. It takes the initiative in planning and implementing strategies for the internationalization of Okayama University and strongly supports international exchanges of each department.

The Center for Global Partnerships and Education Managerial Committee

We deliberate and make decisions on important matters regarding the dispatch or acceptance of international students/researchers. The planning and the development of academic (or students’) international exchange is also our mission.
The Center consists of two parts: Teaching section and the Administrative section.

We have 18 faculty members specialized in Education for international students and management of the Center.

The administration section consists of two divisions: International Student Division and Global Planning and Public Affairs Division.

International Student Division has following two sections:

(1) International Students and Scholars Section

We support international students and scholars by offering a wide variety of services:
- Orientation sessions
- Student tutors
- Dormitory resident assistants
- The Global Café, a casual place to make friends or get information
-A support desk, on the first floor of Building C, is also available for any questions you may have.
By establishing a university-wide support network specifically for international students and scholars, we can provide the highest level of service to help you get the best out of campus life at Okayama University.

(2) Study Abroad Section

Study Abroad Division aims to give Okayama students a global mindset with various academic and non-academic programs. The Division also gives the students advises so that they will be successful in their study abroad programs.


Office Hours:

Mon-Fri 8:30-17:00 (Closed on National Holidays and Year-end and New Year Holidays)

Inquiries on study at Okayama University

International Student Division
International Students and Scholars Section
TEL +81-86-251-7051

Inquiries on Exchange Agreements

Global Planning and Public Affairs Division
TEL. +81-86-251-7047