Okayama University


Action Guidelines of Okayama University on the SDGs

Based on its philosophy and objectives, Okayama University will work on activities that contribute to the achievement of SDGs (sustainable development goals) and will champion to realize the sustainable society.

【 Significance of the guideline 】

  1. The SDGs are a common challenge for humankind today. By contributing to the achievement of the SDGs, Okayama University can advance its original purpose, which is to “establish a new paradigm for the sustainable evolution of human society”, based on its principle of “the solid succession of knowledge and the creation of advanced knowledge”.
  2. Okayama University, a UNESCO Chair holder promoting ESD, has a foundation and responsibility to promote the SDGs together with the Okayama area and the global community.
  3. Okayama University will lead education, research, and social contribution activities, by using the SDGs as a common language in the society.
  4. Through contributing to the achievement of the SDGs, Okayama University will develop human resources that excel in problem solving in the society.
Achievements of Okayama University and Okayama City towards SDGs
SDGs Activities in Okayama University, 2017