Okayama University


Call for caution regarding COVIDー19 for Current International Students (Updated May 27, 2021)

Currently the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is spreading. Please take care of your health based on correct information and act responsibly considering the risk of infection.

Basic Preventive Measures

1. Wash your hands well regularly and disinfect them.
2. Wear a face mask.
3. Ventilate the rooms you use.
4. Dine with fewer people for shorter times. Do not share food. Wear a mask when not eating.
5. Avoid areas with the “Three Cs” (closed spaces with poor ventilation, crowded places with many people nearby and close-contact settings such as close-range conversations).
6. Monitor your condition daily, and rest at home if you feel unwell.
7. Install the COVID-19 contact confirmation application (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s “COCOA”).


The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare lists the five following situations as presenting heightened risk of infection.
1. Parties where alcoholic beverages are consumed
2. Dining with large numbers of people or for long times
3. Conversing while not wearing face masks
4. Communal living in narrow spaces
5. Changing places where one spends time


In the event of suspected infection

1. If you think you may have been infected

Should you have symptoms such as a fever or cough, do not go out, but consult by telephone with your regular doctor or a diagnostic consultation center.

Okayama City COVID-19 Diagnosis Consultation Center (open 24 hours a day)
JNTO Japan Visitor Hotline (in English, Chinese and Korean, available 24 hours a day)

In the event of any of the following, consult with a doctor or consultation center immediately.
(You may consult with them even if none of the following apply.)

✔ Dyspnea (difficulty breathing),
✔ Severe fatigue (tiredness),
✔ Severe symptoms such as high fever;
✔ If you among those who are more likely to face severe manifestations of this illness* and you develop relatively mild cold symptoms such as fever and cough;
✔ Other than the above, if you have had fever, cough or other relatively mild cold symptoms that have continued for long;
✔ If the symptoms have continued four or more days
(*)*Persons with underlying conditions such as the elderly or those with diabetes, cardiac insufficiency, respiratory disease (COPD) or other conditions, persons undergoing dialysis, or persons using immunosuppressive, anti-cancer or similar drugs

In consulting with the center, if you are suspected of having a novel coronavirus infection, you will be referred to a specialist treating novel coronavirus infections on an outpatient basis. When seeking diagnosis, be sure to call ahead to make an appointment and wear a face mask.

2. If you begin to feel unwell on campus

Consult with the Health Service Center.

Tsushima Campus
Tel: 086-251-7217
Email: hokekan1@cc.okayama-u.ac.jp

Shikata Campus
Tel: 086-235-7487
Email: hokekan2@md.okayama-u.ac.jp

3. If it is determined that you have been infected

Please report this promptly to your faculty or graduate school.
If you are living in the dormitory, be sure to report to the dormitory manager as well.
Please follow the directives of Okayama City Healthcare Center regarding steps to prevent spread of the disease.

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