Chemistry of Bioactive Compounds

Search and Production of Useful Bioactive Compounds


Hiroshi KANZAKIProfessor:KANZAKI Hiroshi, Ph. D.
E-mail: hkanzaki@(
Search and Production of Useful Bioactive Compounds Using Cells or Enzymes
Teruhiko NITODAProfessor:NITODA Teruhiko, Ph. D.
E-mail: nitoda@(
Search for Natural Bioactive Compounds

Research Topics

Studies on novel enzymes useful for synthesizing or searching for anticancer compounds
Microbial enzyme-catalyzed high functionalization of olive constituents
Microbial synthesis or degradation of functional glycosides
High functionalization of woody biomass using microbial transformation
Search for specific inhibitors of insect enzymes
Structure-activity relationship for novel chitinolytic enzyme inhibitors
Search for compounds with insect growth regulating activity


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