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Course of Environmental Ecology

The Course of Environmental Ecology provides educational programs and research activities for environmental conservation, safety and efficiency in food production and marketing systems, and economical resource management.

This course offers a broad range of study fields in the environmental sciences, which focus on the study of ecosystems, and regional and global environment. Opportunities for research in a variety of environments are available. In ecological studies for environmental conservation, area specializations include population ecology, ecosystems ecology, physiological ecology, evolutionary ecology, forest ecology, and restoration ecology. For resource management and security and efficiency in food production and marketing systems, area specializations include agricultural economics, social science, marketing system analysis, and bio-production system engineering. Students in the course are expected to become researchers, engineers, and future leaders who solve problems in environmental conservation, food safety, and resource management, from both the local and global viewpoints.

Research Units

Plant Ecology

Prof. MIKI Naoko / Assoc. Prof. MIYAZAKI Yuko

Physiological Plant Ecology Unit URL

Analysis of ecology characteristics of greenery areas and physiology characteristis of greenery area plants

Forest Ecology

Prof. HIROBE Muneto / Prof. HYOUDOU Fujio

Forest Ecology Unit URL

Tree ecophysiology and management of forest ecosystem

Environmental Soil Science

Prof. SHIMA Kazuto

Environmental Soil Science Unit URL

Greenery of degraded land by substance dynamics analysis of soil-plant systems

Conservation of Aquatic Biodiversity

Assoc. Prof. FUKUDA Hiroshi

Conservation of Aquatic Biodiversity Unit URL

Biodiversity analysis of aquatic ecosystems, and development of conservation technology

Insect ecology

Prof. MIYATAKE Takahisa / Assist. Prof. FUJIOKA Haruna / Assist. Prof. MATSUMURA Kentaro

Evolutionary Ecology
Evolutionary Ecology

Assoc. Prof. OKADA Kensuke

Bioproduction Systems Engineering

Prof. MONTA Mitsuji / Assoc. Prof. NAMBA Kazuhiko

Bioproduction Systems Engineering Unit URL

Development of bioproduction machines and facilities, and robot use

Food and Environmental Policy

Prof. UBUKATA Fumikazu / Assoc. Prof. OHNAKA Katsutoshi

Farm Management Systems and Information Processing

Food production related information processing and establishment of management systems

Resources Management

Assoc. Prof. DATAI Hisashi

Resources Management Unit URL

Efficient use of local resources and development of plans for resource conservation and use

Assist. Prof. HIGASHIGUCHI Akiko

Woman Tenure Track(Environment ecology) URL

Rural planning, Rural resource management, Human dimensions of Wildlife management

International Rural Studies

Prof.KIM Doo-Chul / Assoc. Prof. HONDA Yasuko

International Rural Studies Unit URL