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Course of Applied Plant Science

The program in the Course of Applied Plant Science provides educational programs to acquire advanced knowledge and proficiency in the areas of the plant sciences, and field and orchard management.

Plants are used to produce grains, flowers, vegetables, fruit, and fodders, and thus are fundamental to agricultural production.In the Course of Applied Plant Science,research and development subjects focus on plant science and involve (1) analyses and exploitation of plant functions on the molecular level, (2) genetic improvement of crops and vegetables, (3) molecular analyses of interactions between plants and pathogenic organisms, (4) physiological analyses of field crops, (5) control and exploitation of flower, vegetable and fruit development, (6) development of new management techniques for field crops, and (7) post-harvest physiology and biochemistry of fruit. The educational goals are to develop students with the knowledge, skills, and spirit to excel in their chosen areas of plant science and who will play a key role in future agricultural production.


Research Units

Genetic Engineering

Prof. ICHINOSE Yuki / Prof. YAMAMOTO Mikihiro / Assist. Prof. MATSUI Hidenori

Genetic Engineering Unit URL

Analyses of virulence factors of phytopathogens and plant disease resistance and their application to disease control

Plant Genome Dynamics Analysis

Assoc. Prof. MONDEN Yuki

Plant Genome Dynamics Analysis Unit URL

Genetic analysis using transposable elements in plants

Plant Pathology

Prof. TOYODA Kazuhiro / Assoc. Prof. NOUTOSHI Yoshiteru

Plant Pathology Unit URL

Molecular biology of plant parasitism and immunity

Plant Genetics and Breeding

Prof. KATO Kenji / Assoc. Prof. NISHIDA Hidetaka

Plant Genetics and Breeding Unit URL

Molecular genetic studies on crop plants and its application to crop breeding

Postharvest Agriculture

Assoc. Prof. AKAGI Takashi

※in preparation

Postharvest physiology and technology in agricultural crops

Postharvest Physiology

Prof. KUBO Yasutaka / Assoc. Prof. USHIJIMA Koichiro

Postharvest Physiology Unit URL

Physiological and molecular biological analysis on fruit ripening and senescence

Plant Production Science

Prof. SAITOH Kuniyuki / Assist. Prof. NAKASHIMA Yoshitaka

Plant Production Science Unit URL

Improvements of crop productivity and development of environmentally friendly crop production system


Assoc. Prof. HIRANO Ken / Assoc. Prof. FUKUDA Fumio/ Assist. Prof. KAWAI Takashi

Pomology Unit URL

Improvement of fruit productivity and quality based on eco-physiological analysis

Vegetable Crop Science

Prof. YOSHIDA Yuichi /Prof. YASUBA Ken-ichiro

Vegetable Crop Science Unit URL

Eco-physiology and production system in vegetable crops

Control of Flowering

Prof. GOTO Tanjuro / Assoc. Prof. KITAMURA Yoshikuni

Control of Flowering Unit URL

Physiological regulation of plant flowering and nutrition

Crop Science

Prof. HIRAI Yoshihiko/ Assist. Prof. TOMITA Asami

Crop Science Unit URL

Studies on high-yield and resistance to abiotic stresses in crops