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The Faculty of Agriculture offers
the most advanced agricultural scientific education
and opportunities for research in four specialized programs of education
in a single department, the Department of Agricultural Science.

For more than 50 years, the Faculty of Agriculture of Okayama University has offered the most advanced educational programs and taken the lead in research in the field of agricultural science. In the year 2006, we restructured the faculty system to improve the quality of education and research. To achieve more effective education programs, we have developed four specialized courses of study within a single department, the Department of Agricultural Science: the Course of Agrochemical Bioscience, the Course of Applied Plant Science, the Course of Applied Animal Science, and the Course of Environmental Ecology. This unique educational system developed by our faculty makes it possible to develop excellent human resources, who can respond positively to diverse social requirements on various agricultural issues, adapt their abilities to prevent the depletion of natural resources and food, and deal with environment-related issues in the coming years.

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