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Course of Agrochemical Bioscience

The Course of Agrochemical Bioscience offers education in fundamental and applied bioscience and also research activity that explores the bioresources and biofunctions of living organisms by means of chemistry and molecular biology.

Agrochemical Bioscience is a unique research field that originated in Japan approximately a century ago and covers a wide range of biosciences. The research is directed toward promoting human welfare through industrial development of fermented food, vitamins, antibiotics, and immunosuppressants, etc. Education and intensive laboratory training in this course are focused on the fundamental chemistry behind life phenomena, and the chemical structures and functions of biologically active compounds derived from bioresources in agriculture and the environment.

Research Units

Applied Natural Product Chemistry

Prof. KIYOTA Hiromasa / Prof. IZUMI Minoru

Applied Natural Product Chemistry Unit URL

Search, synthesis and effective use of naturally occurring bioactive compounds

Chemistry of Bioactive Compounds

Prof. KANZAKI Hiroshi / Prof. NITODA Teruhiko

Chemistry of Bioactive Compounds Unit URL

Search for bioactive compounds, and production by cells and enzymes

Food Biochemistry

Prof. NAKAMURA Yoshimasa / Assist. Prof. NAKAMURA Toshiyuki

Food Biochemistry Unit URL

Biochemical research and applications regarding invention of highly functional foods

Chemistry of Bio-signaling

Prof. MURATA Yoshiyuki /Assoc. Prof. MUNEMASA Shintaro

Chemistry of Bio-signaling Unit URL

Analysis of function development and environmental adaptation mechanisms of autotrophic bacteria

Microbiological Chemistry

Prof. TAMURA Takashi / Prof. KANAO Tadayoshi / Assist. Prof. NEMOTO Michiko

Microbial Function Unit URL

Analysis of environmental stress response and information signaling mechanisms of plants

Cellular Systems Chemistry

Prof. MORIYA Hisao / Assoc. Prof. MAEDA Megumi

Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology Unit URL

Genetic analysis and application of useful enzymes with microbial origins