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Course of Applied Animal Science

The Course of Applied Animal Science offers basic and applied educational programs associated with the utilization of animal resources as food and other purposes for quality human life.

Recently, the development of biotechnological systems for animal production and new applications of domestic animals for medical support have changed the field of animal science remarkably. In this course, students will learn basic programs on reproduction, nutrition, and immunological defense systems of domestic animals for efficient production. This course is also concerned with various applications for medical support through the production of useful animals, gene analysis, and reproductive biotechnologies. In addition, our course includes the field of meat and dairy sciences, which aims to improve the function and quality of animal foods.

Research Units

Reproductive Physiology

Prof. KIMURA Koji

Reproductive Physiology Unit URL

Endocrinological and physiological analysis and its application to animal reproduction

Developmental Biotechnology

Prof. FUNAHASHI Hiroaki/ Assoc. Prof. WAKAI Takuya

Developmental Biotechnology Unit URL

Research for basic and applied developmental biotechnologies of mammalian gametes and embryos

Animal Physiology

Prof. HATABU Toshimitsu

Physiology Unit URL

Research for morphology, physiological and pharmacological natures of applied animals

Animal Breeding and Genetics

Assoc. Prof. IBI Takayuki

Animal Breeding and Genetics Unit URL

Genetic analysis and application to breeding methods of animals

Applied Animal Genetics

Prof. TSUJI Takehito

Applied Animal Genetics Unit URL

Investigation on the genes associated with the desired traits and disorders of animals ,and control and application of these genes

Animal Nutrition

Prof. NISHINO Naoki / Assoc. Prof. TSURUTA Takeshi

Animal Nutrition and Feed Science Unit URL

Nutrient metabolism and gut function / Microbiology for animal production and health

Animal Applied Microbiology

Prof. MORITA Hidetoshi / Assoc. Prof. ARAKAWA Kensuke

Animal Applied Microbiology Unit URL

Studies on function and application of intestinal bacteria, bifidobacteria and lactic acid bacteria


Assoc. Prof. OOTSUKI Junko / Assist. Prof. TASAKI Hidetaka

Assisted Reproductive Medicine Unit URL

Basic and applied research on assisted reproductive technologies/Research on assisted reproductive technologies and development of teaching material for clinical embryologists