Pediatric Radiology Department

Message from the Director of the Department

The Pediatric Radiology Department is part of the “Medical center for children” of Okayama University Hospital, as established as a core center in the Chugoku-Shikoku region to provide highly advanced pediatric medical health and care. Our department is in charge of diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy specialized for children.

Director,Pediatric Radiology DepartmentTakao Hiraki

Scope of Target Diseases

  • Pediatric congenital diseases
  • Pediatric malignant tumors
  • Pediatric benign diseases

Features and Description of Medical Care

We perform computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and nuclear medicine examinations for over 1,000 children per year at Okayama University Hospital. Our department takes charge of almost all examinations. Additionally, we provide radiation therapy for pediatric malignant tumors.
Pediatric radiology is a special territory among radiology fields because children require unique inspection and image interpretation methods that differ from those for adult patients. We are undertaking great efforts to reduce radiation exposure to the greatest extent possible. Physicians specializing in pediatric radiology provide appropriate and effective medical care.

For outpatient visits

Please see the page of the Radiology Department.

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