Patient rights and duties


Patients receive respect for personal dignity and personal values. They have the rights listed below:

  • To receive medical treatment of good quality on the basis of equality
  • To have explanations of conditions or medical practices until they are understood properly
  • To choose or refuse medical practices after having the explanations described above
  • To obtain information such as records related to medical care
  • To have personal information protected and kept confidential
  • To have one’s dignity respected


Patients have the duties listed below and must follow them:

  • Inform physicians of any change in physical and mental state immediately and as accurately as possible
  • Follow the instructions of all staff, including physicians, dentists, and nurses
  • Cooperate to maintain a comfortable medical environment in the hospital.
    • Do not speak in a loud voice or enter other hospital rooms, etc.
    • If a patient commits violence, verbal abuse, or sexual harassment against our staff, the patient must leave the site. (If a person is hospitalized, the person shall be discharged.)
    • Cell phones should be used in the hospital with proper etiquette.
    • Smoking and drinking are prohibited in all areas of the hospital both inside and outside buildings.
  • Our hospital is an educational institution: thank you for your understanding.
  • Pay the medical bill before the specified due date.。